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Calm Sea

DÉCAAR Algae Peel

DÉCAAR Algae Peel Facial

A natural, biological peeling effect for the skin. This brand new, vegan facial speeds up the skins cell turnover to reveal beautiful, clear, smooth radiant skin. Speeding up cell renewal from up-to 6 weeks to just a few days!

Beneficial for all skin types the Décaar Algae Peel uses a combination of Algae and herbs harvested from around the world.

The active ingredient, a super compound called Perfluerodecalin stimulates an immune response in the skin. Which in turn, works the product deeper into the skin layers. It literally works from the inside out!

This is the first facial of its kind - a true skin experience!

Drastic results and effective protocols for most common skin conditions such as:

• Acne
• Blemished and oily skin
• Wrinkles sagging skin
• Dry skin
• Pigmentation and age spots
• Rosacea
• Scars and enlarged pores
• Suitable even for dark and sensitive skin types

DÉCAAR Breathe of Life (Oxygen) Facial

An Oxygen enriched facial; the Breath of Life has the answer to tired, dull & lifeless looking skin in need of a pick me up!

As we draw breath from the air day-to-day our skin is the very last place that Oxygen reaches - which can often lead to skin looking under nourished.

This super relaxing facial provides the deeper layers of the skin with molecular oxygen using a key ingredient called Perfluerodecalin. This super compound will help the skin to hold on and maintain moisture. Giving the skin the Oxygen boost it requires.

With the added cool benefits of CryoGlobes this facial will help:

• Restore moisture in the skin
• Increases production of new skin cells

• Stimulate blood flow
• Flush away toxins
• Water retention
• Reduce puffiness and inflammation

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